In this review of Buscopan IBS Relief by Sanofi, we investigate various aspects of this supplement, including its efficacy. This should be measured against the manufacturer’s claim that this product is useful for people with mild to severe flare-ups of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The goal of this product is to offer pain relief to people suffering from abdominal pain, distress caused by spasms of the gastrointestinal tract, and diarrhea, by acting directly on the bowel spasm.


The active ingredient is Hyoscine Butylbromide (10mg). This is used to offer relief of abdominal pain caused by muscle spasms of the digestive system. This ingredient helps by lessening bloating and relaxing the gastrointestinal system. The other ingredient is sucrose. It should be mentioned that the active ingredient is synthetic. Also, it reacts to a flare-up, rather than maintaining the effective functioning of the digestive tract.


This product should not be taken by children below the age of 12, or by persons who have not been diagnosed with IBS by their doctor. The manufacturer’s recommendation is that one pill be taken 3 times daily. However, the dosage may be increased to 2 pills 4 times daily, should more relief be needed. This will depend on the severity of the flare-up. No information is available on whether the pills should be taken before, during, or after meals; however, pills should be swallowed whole, not chewed, and taken with a glass of water.

Possible Side Effects

This is not a comprehensive list of the possible side effects, but these are the most common: sleepiness, vision changes, triggering of glaucoma, dry mouth, and increased heart rate. If any of these side-effects do not go away, or other side effects occur, the product should be stopped, and the doctor consulted. In addition, people using these tablets should not consume alcohol. The elderly, the pregnant, those planning to fall pregnant, and nursing mothers, should first consult their doctors before taking this product. You should also first consult your physician if you have a pre-existing medical condition, such as an overactive thyroid gland or heart problems. You need to inform your health-care provider about the medication you are taking. This product may react to your other medication. For instance, taking domperidone or metoclopramide may cancel the effects of hyoscine, as this increases the motility of the gut, rather than reducing it. Glaucoma sufferers, or those with a very enlarged colon, myasthenia gravis, or allergy to hyoscine butylbromide, should not use this product.


Buscopan IBS Relief is normally available for purchase at supermarkets and pharmacies; however, you may buy it on the manufacturer’s website or from third-party sites such as Amazon. There, for example, the purchase price  of 2 packs of 20 tablets is $28.99, plus $4.49 for shipping. However, the price differs on different sites. The manufacturers do not offer any discounts on this product.


The manufacturer’s guarantee is not very clear. Rather, there is a satisfactory quality warranty on the product. You may return it not later than 10 days from purchase date, otherwise the pharmacist will decide whether to accept a return. It is not indicated whether the product must remain unopened.

Our Buscopan IBS Relief Review – Conclusion

Buscopan IBS Relief, with its active ingredient hyoscine butylbromide, seems to be a useful product to take for relief of IBS. It is available without prescription at supermarkets, pharmacies, and online. Our research into this product revealed that it is easily available in the United Kingdom, but not as easily available in the United States. This product only focuses on relieving the symptoms associated with IBS. There are other, similar, products on the market for combating IBS, that also maintain correct functioning of the digestive system, thus limiting flare-ups.

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